Maasai Mara Game Reserve: Budget Friendly Safaris


Maasai Mara Game Reserve is one of those must travel destinations. Apart from being home to many wild animals, it’s also the seventh wonder of the world.

Maasai Mara National Park is famous for the trademark annual wild beast migration. The migration involves animals arriving in thousands from the sister Serengeti National Park in Tanzania in July and leaving in November.

However, there is more to the Maasai Mara safari tours than the migration. The park is home to more than 95 species of reptiles, mammals and amphibians. Bird enthusiast can also enjoy watching the more than 400 birds species and there is a big chance you will see the big five.

The rich Maasai culture that has survived the test of time is also a scene to behold. You can get to spend the night in the traditional Maasai Mara tented camps or dance with the Maasai Morans. The Morans, have a long history with wild animals and you can learn about the source of their bravery.

Travel Options

You can choose to go on a Maasai Mara Safari holiday by air. There are two all-weather airstrips that serve the area: Kichwa Tembo and Mara Serena. They are in a region known as the Mara triangle. Here you will find some of the best lodges and camps in the Mara.

You can also visit the Mara via road and experience the thrilling terrain. They include:

  • The Ngama Hills to the east characterized by leafy bushes and sandy soils. There are more sightings of the black Rhinos in this area.
  • The western boundary forms from the Oloololo Escarpment and rises to a magnificent plateau
  • Bordering the Mara river is the Mara Triangle characterized by acacia woodlands and lush grassland.
  • Covering a large part of the reserve are the central plains characterized by boulders and scattered bushes on rolling grasslands.

A road trip to the Maasai Mara is an exhilarating adventure as you get to experience other tourist destinations in the Rift Valley, including the Thomson falls, Lake Nakuru, Hells Gate and others.

There are several tours and travels companies that offer exciting safari packages to the Mara.

4 Budget Friendly Maasai Mara Safaris

Seven By Far Tours

Seven by far Safaris is one of the unique and highly recommended tours and travels company that offers excellent packages to the Maasai Mara tented camps. The company offers a tailored seven-day visit to Kenya’s three major national parks, the Amboseli, Lake Naivasha National Park and the Maasai Mara National Parks.

Throughout the tour, you will get to camp in three of the most luxurious hotels in Kenya; Amboseli Sopa, Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort and the Olmoran Tented Camp. Olmoran is a highly rated hotel in the Maasai Mara lodges

The budget-friendly Mara Safari packages are inclusive of meals, transportations, accommodation and parking.

Australken Tours and Travel

This family run company provides customised safari packages in East Africa. They have an exciting package to the Mara through the equator. The seven-day trip takes you to Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha’s Hell’s Gate and finally to the Mara.

You will explore the Samburu game reserve, visit the famous Thomson falls, Lake Nakuru, and finally land at the Mara.

The package is budget-friendly and is inclusive of accommodation, meals and parking equipment. Children under the age of 18 also get a discount.

Karibu Safaris in Kenya

The company has a budget-friendly package that offers a 6 Day tour of Kenyan. The package gives you two nights at the Mara, one night in Lake Nakuru and two nights in Amboseli.

The six-day tour is a group safari and others will join you during the safari. You can therefore book the trip with friends and travel as a team.

Classic Journeys Africa

Classic Journeys Africa is a reputable company that offers one of the most classic 4-day package inclusive of accommodation at the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The four-day safari includes accommodation at the Loyk Mara Tented Camp, meals and game drives in a pop up roof minivan.

The safari packages to the Mara game reserve are different depending on the company and sites to see. They pick you at your hotel or airport on the first day and safely bring you back on the last day.

You can also get customised trips from most of the many tour companies that feature the Mara as a destination.

Whatever company you choose, the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya will be a trip to make incredible memories. So go on, book a trip and explore this seventh wonder!

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