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Samuel Johnson said once, ‘’a man who is tired of London is tired of life’’’. London’s history is saturated with culture, art, architecture, Churches, Royal palaces, and Castles abound. This is the energetic capital of the UK and inevitably leaves you breathless. London is relatively expensive, but its splendid Museums, World-class art galleries, a smorgasbord of global cuisines, and the River Thames make people irresistibly attracted to it.

Non-stop flight duration from Hong Kong (HKG) to London (LHR) takes 12 hours and 55 minutes. The direct flights to London from Hong Kong cover a distance of approximately 9640 Kilometers. When you fly from Hong Kong to the London route, there are several airline options to travel with. Cathay Pacific is on top of all other airlines providing services to London from Hong Kong. The comfortable seats, even for economy class too, fabulous food, world-class entertainment system, and friendly crew make a long haul flight to London more comfortable and relaxed.

Visiting the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey is an experience of your lifetime. Let’s discuss some best tips for visiting London for the very first time:

  • Where to stay in London?

For the first time, it is best to stay in Central London because form here you can see much more in less time and also help you to save money on transportation.

  • Book in advance:

When you are coming to London, it is best to plan everything in advance. From flights to accommodation and from rental transportation to London attractions and activities boo in advance. Advance booking will provide you better prices, more choices, and less time wasted queuing.

  • London Eatery:

Researching restaurants in advance can also be a good option. London is undoubtedly an expensive city, and dining out can also is a pricy experience. It is also an issue that the restaurants and cafes located near tourist attractions do not serve the best food always.

  • Free attractions of London:

Of course, you need to pay for several attractions in London, but there are some free attractions also that are worthy of watching like:

  • The Changing of the Guards ceremony takes place at Buckingham Palace
  • Parks and gardens of London
  • Free Museums in London
  • London’s Shops
  • Travelling in London:

London’s Public Transport System is very efficient. Use a London tube, original red double-decker buses, and you can choose the option of a traditional London cab also.

  • Try something off the beat:

London is so much more than Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Try some local markets, quirky neighborhoods, beautiful gardens, and lesser-known museums to make your first trip to London even more memorable and unique. All the museums, theaters, art galleries, and music venues are most beautiful in the world.

Tower of London is the highlight of your trip, a place at various times a prison, a fortress, and a zoo. Don’t waste your time anymore, and plan a trip to London to witness a city that you will never grow tired of.

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