Top NZ Destinations For A Boys-Only Road Trip

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New Zealand is a terrific travel destination for an all boys adventure trip. The country has just as many high octane adventure activities and thrilling sites as its neighbor Australia. It is also much easier to navigate and to get around between the various destinations, offering an abundance of outdoor activities and adventure opportunities along the way. Featuring a perfect combination of pristine beaches, lush forests, epic mountain ranges, cool and inviting cities, and laid back, friendly towns, New Zealand has much to offer for travelers of all tastes, so it will definitely have a little something for each member of your boys trip. So if you happen to be planning an all boys mission then you should definitely consider setting off on a motorhome hire new zealand journey so you can experience the thrills and sights that travelers have come to love over the many decades they’ve been flocking to these roadways.

There are so many places to see and things to do in New Zealand that it may seem overwhelming when planning your trip. You should definitely keep these spots in mind since they are some of the best that NZ has to offer.

Bay of Islands

If it is a tropical paradise vibe you and your crew are searching for, then you can find it just north of Auckland city limits at Bay of Islands. Here you will find sparkling waters, wild beaches and the famous turquoise coves. This is a laid back wonderland that will make you wonder why you don’t live there. The Islands contain a number of funky, laid back towns and surfer communities which have attracted travellers for decades, who enjoy the beaches, the foods and wines of the region, and the overall subtropical atmosphere. The people here are friendly and inviting, so if you and your crew are looking to socialize, you won’t have trouble making new friends at the Bay.


This thriving and fun city is surrounding by a harbour, making for unbelievable urban waterfront summertime vibes. Auckland features an incredible food scene with everything from fine dining options to amazing street food. Check out the famous fish market or wander the ran gardens on Jellico Avenue. The nightlife here is abundant and varied, featuring all types of establishments from upper-tier clubs to dive bars and more. The shopping includes funky local boutiques and chic global chains. There is really a whole lot to do in Auckland, and you and your friends will have no trouble filling their time in this vibrant and hip city.

Coromandel Peninsula

If you and your buds are looking for a truly unique experience that can only be had in new Zealand, then make sure to check out the famous Hot Water Beach located here. Mineral-rich warm water bubbles up from underground springs to co-mingle with the ocean waters. At high tide, you can dig yourself a hole and jump in for a natural mineral bath. This is a soothing, one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t soon forget and has long been a favorite of travellers in the area. If you and your crew are weary from your long motorhome hire new zealand journey, then this is definitely the place to wind down and relax.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

This is an absolute must. Just south of Auckland lie the world-famous glowworm caves which are unlike anything you have ever seen or will ever see again. Within these caves you will find black water and the glowworms that give the caves their name, lighting up the darkness in colorful patterns. You can take a boat tour through the caves, check out the incredible geysers that bubble up to the surface, and treat yourself to a soothing mud bath at the spa. A full day at the glowworm caves is highly recommended for anyone travelling in the Auckland area, and you and your friends will definitely not want to miss it.


If you find yourself on the North Island, then you and your crew should make sure to hit up Wellington, a city that features an artsy, bohemian vibe with up and coming restaurants, arts districts, and a wide variety of shopping. Wellington is a young and vibrant city with an exciting nightlife and a population of young professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, and assorted eccentrics. You will love the vibe here, and the city is a fun and always lively place for a boys getaway.

Many groups of travelers flock to New Zealand each year, where the ease of travel, fun destinations, and an abundance of things to do make it the perfect location for boys only road trips. There is so much fun to be had in this country that chances are you will want to come back with your crew and do it all again the next year. This is what makes motorhome hire new zealand travel such a tradition for so many travelers across the globe.

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