How to survive air travel with an infant

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Flying with a toddler can make you go berserk. It can be really frustrating to travel with an infant if you are not well prepared. Travelling with an infant is all about taking everything from soup to nuts. For the well being of you and your child, it is always advisable for you to be prepared ahead of time. Are you wondering how to prepare?  Here are few tips for travelling by air with a toddler.

Book your tickets in advance

If you are planning a vacation with your infant, it is imperative to get the right seat on your flight. Say you are travelling from Chennai to Delhi, ensure that you get your Chennai to Delhi flights booked as early as possible to provide a comfortable journey for your toddler. Ensure that you book a seat that has a bassinet connection.

Bring lots of fluids

Flights are very drying. Hence, to keep your baby hydrated, keep feeding your baby with lots of fluids especially during take-off and landing.

Bring lots of extra diapers and clothing

Remember that whenever you are travelling by cars or by flights messes can happen. So to be safe, carry extra clothes and diapers. Ensure that they are easily accessible too.

Choose the right flight

Getting enough sleep is essential to keep your baby healthy and merry. So if you are travelling by flight, choose the flight whose timings coincide with your baby’s sleep timings. Say you are travelling from Chennai to Delhi and your baby usually takes a nap in the afternoon. Do not book Chennai to Delhi flights that will disturb your baby’s sleep.

Managing the take-off and landing

The changes in pressure during take-off and landing creates discomfort in travellers of all ages. So to spare your baby from this discomfort, nurse your baby well. You can use baby-sized earplugs to block the noise of blaring jet engines. You can keep feeding your baby with a feeding bottle during take-off and landing.

Make checklists

You cannot afford to forget anything your baby needs. So, make checklists. Double check your tickets, diapers, extra clothing, feeding bottles, Baby food, feeding bowl of your baby, few extra sheets etc

Your baby’s favourite toys

A crying baby can be a pain in the back. It may even disturb the fellow passengers. So to ensure that your infant is cheerful during the journey, do not forget to carry your baby’s favourite toys to keep the kid engaged.

Carry lots of snacks

Babies love to pass the time nibbling something. So carry a lot of baby food pouches. These baby food pouches come very handily while travelling

Do not book an extra seat for your baby

Think twice before you book an extra seat for an infant because children under the age of 2 are allowed to fly for free if they are sitting on the parent’s lap. Most of the time a toddler will undoubtedly end up sitting on the parent’s lap. Thus until and unless you feel a dire need for it, do not book an extra seat for your infant.

Carry thermometers and medicines

Remember that your child undergoes a lot of changes during a journey. Change of climate, change of pressure during take-off and landing etc. So there is a high probability of your child falling sick. So always carry a pouch of all that you need in case your little one falls ill.

On a concluding note, following all the above instructions will guarantee you a happy journey with your infant.







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