Why Spain is an Excellent No Stress Destination

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When looking to go on vacation many people want to opt for a safe, happy and pleasant place to spend their time. If this rings true for you then Spain may be the perfect fit. Welcoming visitors for ages the wonderfully warm climate, beaches, food, wine and private villas in Spain have been attracting all sorts of eclectic and happy guests.

Situated on the Iberia Peninsula this country enjoys a relatively year round warm climate. Sunny days, easy going culture, hassle free ways to access transportation, Spain makes an appealing vacation destination for so many people. Locals are friendly and simply put: Spain is a nice place to be.

If you are looking for a vacation destination that you can go to either as a solo traveler, group or family, here are some reasons why Spain should be on the top of your list.


The Food and Wine

There is a general agreement from most people that Spain has outstanding food and wine. Some people go so far as to say that making the entire trip to Spain is worth it if you can have one meal. Spain has two rather famous claims to fame. The first is that it is home to the oldest continuous running restaurant in the world. Casa Botin has been in operation since 1725. An interesting tidbit is that the painter Goya used to be a water there. If you do get a chance to go there, try the pig roast. The other notable place is El Cellar de Can Roca. In 2013 this restaurant won the prestigious award of best restaurant in the world.

The other imagery that goes hand in hand with Spain is to think of grabbing a chunk of freshly baked bread, some cheese and having a glass of wine. Spain has so many other notable restaurants. Sometimes half the fun is to pleasantly wander around and try little cafes and restaurants that look appealing to you. Also, let’s not overlook Spain’s love of wine. Spaniard’s have wine with lunch, wine with dinner and wine before bed. It’s possible to have great wine at a great price. So if you have never dabbled too much in wine this is a great place to try. If you are already a wine lover, then this is a great place to enjoy.


The Art

Some of the world’s most well-known and beloved artist were from Spain. Many people make the trip to Malaga which is the birth place of Pablo Picasso. Here there is a museum with some 300 pieces of his work. Visitors can also tour Salvador Dali’s house too and get an inside look into how this mastermind of an artist lived. Definitely worth taking some time to see the Guggenheim Bilbao. This vibrant building was designed to encourage the visitor to enjoy the art both from the inside and out. The architectural design of the building is stunning. The Frank Gehry designed gallery is also rated one of the best in the world. Overall a person can simply walk around Spain and feel the pulse of the artistic vibe moving through the county. There are many beautiful sites to observe and inspire your own creative wanderings.

Amazing Accommodation

When people travel to Spain for vacation they often want to attain the most amount of relaxation and luxury possible. There is something so dreamy to say you are going to Spain to rent a private villa with either a beachfront view or tucked up into the hills surrounded by ancient groves of trees. Spain’s elaborate history leads way to some amazingly unique places to stay. Many people have been veering away from the traditional hotel bookings. Instead they are opting to either enjoy the splurge of renting a place just for themselves or split that cost with a group of friends or travelers. By doing so you can still enjoy all the creature comforts of home yet still attain a very nice place to remind you that you are in fact on vacation.

The Mediterranean Coast is Stunning

For those contemplating a trip to Spain, they have probably seen one of the classic pictures of the Mediterranean Coast: sandy beaches, teal blue water and happy people. Those pictures are true. Spain has hundreds and hundreds of miles of excellent beaches. Approximately 577 beaches have acquired Blue Flag status. What this means is not only strict standards applied to guarantee high water quality, many of those beaches are also accessible for people with disabilities. This puts Spain at the top of world rankings for having some of the most accessible beaches for people.

The weather is a dreamy along that part of the Mediterranean. Spain sees on average 300 days or so of sun a year. That is incredible. No wonder the people are so happy there. So are you are planning your vacation chances are pretty good you can count on some sunny days.


Impressive Architecture

Walking around the streets of Spain can be an activity in and of itself. Impressive architecture is all around the country. In the center of Madrid one can see the Egyptian Temple of Debod. The Egyptian’s did not live in Spain, however in 1968 they did gift that temple to the city. Stunning cathedrals, Mosques, Roman Ruins and other architectural marvels are everywhere to be seen. If you enjoy well-built buildings to stand the test of time, walking around Spain is a delight.

As you move forward in planning your next carefree and enjoyable vacation, don’t overlook all the reasons Spain makes for a wonderful place to visit.

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