Top five revolutionary technologies in traveling industry

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Today’s biggest reality!  “Technology has transformed the way of living at 360 degrees.” Traveling and technology have become the perfect combination and this joint association is crucially taking part in the way we travel. Now, according to a study around 75% of travelers plan their trip on the internet and remaining travelers use some other sources like travel agencies. From deciding the destination to booking flights, hotels, what to do there, and coming back everything depends upon the information and facilities we get from the internet.

Let’s take a look at 5 most important technological advances that are currently leaving their marks on the travel industry, and will bring revolutionary changes to the sector.


This technology poised to transform the world, but at the moment it is mainly related to finance. Tolga Akcay is the one who is shortly going to bring a revolutionary change in the traveling industry with the help of blockchain technology. Exvisa is an amazing advancement that is going to change the way that immigration works forever. Tolga Akcay has introduced the concept of digital visa and passport that will not only allow people to travel without physical documentation but this online visa and passport facility will change the immigration, emigration, and relocation procedures entirely with foolproof security. Exvisa is going to use blockchain technology to digitize visas and passports that will reduce the risk of illegal immigration and infiltration. With the blockchain technology, is assuring a hacker-proof system that will protect all the sensitive information of people. Exvisa will provide a state of the art technology that will not only secure the important information but also help states, countries, and companies to select people and candidates according to their skill sets. Exvisa is surely so beneficial for the immigrants and also for the authorities to work more progressively.

Cellphone Technology:

The cellphone has become an unavoidable part of our lives. For the traveling sector cellphone is all in one technology as it is our travel agency, travel guide, map, language translator, best hotels and restaurant locator and much more. Now a traveler has all the information regarding their trip in the palm of their hand and they get almost every bit of their requirements by simply downloading an App.

Internet of Things:

IoT is going to bring significant changes to the tourism industry. Internet of Things (IoT) includes sensors that can be connected to the internet inside various items like cars, buildings, suitcases, etc. it is surely going to transform the personalization experience of the customer within few years.


5G technology is going to power the travel industry. Much faster loading and downloading speed, stable connections, and wide coverage are going to assure the most efficient connections between smart devices. 5G will allow users to enjoy the internet of things (IoT) in soon coming future.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) or commonly known as Virtual Reality (VR) is also ready to revolutionize the traveling world. Tour operator companies are introducing a virtual experience of a trip with them by ‘’teleporting’’ the customer to that place without getting off the couch.