The Butterfly Park in Dubai Is a Delight


As usual, Dubai conjures up something special and the latest addition to the tourist landscape is the Butterfly Park. The park has just opened a few weeks back and is an absolute delight. As my American girl is here, I thought it a good idea to show her the park. She confessed that there is nothing like this park in America and I can vouchsafe that there is not a single similar park in India. Frankly, such a park should have opened in India, particularly in Shillong, which is home to some of the loveliest species of butterflies.

The Dubai park is close to the Miracle Garden, another must-see spot in Dubai. I have already written about the miracle garden. We left Abu Dhabi, in my car and covered the distance in just over an hour. As the weather was cool, I had the bonnet of my Mustang down and the cool breeze refreshed us. We drove straight to the park, which is the newest attraction along with the Garden of Lights.

The Butterfly Park is a feather in the cap of the tourist industry in Dubai. I do not know how much it cost, but I am sure it would have cost a pile. The park creates a magical world of fairies, goblins, and pixies. My girl loved it, as we entered an ethereal world. The Park is spread over 4000 sq meters and is housed in 3 large domes, which have climate control.

The park opens from 0930 and closes at 6 in the evening. The entrance fee is AED 50, which is equivalent to about Rs 950. It does look steep to an Indian, but for the pleasure it gives, the price is just about fine. Once you enter the park, you are ushered into the world of butterflies. The park has nearly 2600 species of Butterflies from all over the world. The decor inside simulates the world of butterflies, which are from all over the globe. But I feel there needs to be greater information about the butterflies and their species displayed. As you traverse the park and sit on the many benches inside, the butterflies will come and sit on you, on your hand or anything and this is itself an absolute delight. An array of trained personnel looks after the butterflies and lovers and children find it delightful.

The butterflies hover over you and one can easily spend a couple of hours observing the butterflies. I was reminded of Shillong which had so many butterflies floating around because the climate suited them. Here the climate inside the domes is controlled and natural flowers and a garden add to the ecology of the park. Obviously, a lot of studies has been done before this park came up and the result is something that is not ordinarily seen.

Dubai is now a mega metropolis rivaling London and New York and last year its airport handle 61 million passengers. Such exotic parks add to the luster of the city and my American friend confessed that the park was unique.

Attached to the park is a small museum and souvenir shop. The souvenir shop sells butterflies framed in glass cases, that can be hung on the wall or just kept on a table. I recollect that in Shillong this was a thriving business, but it was stopped by the government. I do not favor selling framed butterflies as it is a form of cruelty. One can also pick other souvenirs like photos and trinkets. My friend bought a few of them, but not the framed butterflies.

Attached to the park is an excellent cafeteria, that serves snacks as well as cold and hot tea or coffee. No alcohol of course and that is a good thing. As I held my friend’s hand with the butterflies hovering around us, I could sense the creation of a magical moment. I don’t think any visitor to the park can come away and not be affected by the glorious ambiance and lovely world of butterflies. Its unique and I will recommend a visit to anybody who comes here. I wonder why we in India cannot create such exotic places.

The Dubai Butterfly park is a thing of joy and it shows a pragmatic and progressive min set. It is also a place to rekindle a long lost love affair. Such places reinforce, the status of Dubai as a world tourist center

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