How to get high off already smoked marijuana


Vaped bud (AVB), is the result of vaping cannabis flowers. This is often discarded as leftovers from a good session. AVB is not a wasteful item. It can even be used to make a variety of cannabis products that will help you feel good and save money.

Here are some of the most popular ways that people vape cannabis.


Materials Required:

  • AVB
  • A glass bowl
  • Mesh screen
  • Coconut oil (depending on the recipe).
  • Butter (depending on the recipe).
  • Your Favorite Food Recipe
  • You will need the right kitchen equipment to prepare your favorite recipes

Time Estimated to Prep: One up to Several hours

What are AVB Edibles and how do they work?

AVB edibles can be used to make both food and beverages. Although brownies and cbd gummies for pain or for skin are what many people associate with AVB edibles. Many of these items can be replicated at home. There are so many options for how to use AVB cannabis, and each application will have its own unique way of using it. Where can i buy cbd gummies for pain? The answer would be that there are many options available in the market today from where you can buy these products.


Materials Required:

  • AVB
  • High-proof alcohol
  • Mason jar
  • Mesh strainer

Time Estimated to Prep: One to Two Months

What are AVB Tinctures?

The onset time is between that of smoking pot, and the 30-minute to two-hour window often associated with edibles. Tinctures of cannabis are made from extracted liquids that have been distilled using alcohol. The best way to consume vaporized marijuana tinctures is via vaping.

How to make vaped weed tinctures

The process can take up to a month and requires you to soak your vaped flowers in alcohol. After the infusion period is over, strain the liquid to remove any plant particles.


  • Materials Required:
  • AVB
  • Empty the capsule
  • Funneling device (Optional)

Time Estimated to Prep: Five up to 30 minutes

What are AVB Capsules and how do they work?

Capsule-based consumption has been in vogue. Because they are similar to common medicine, these products are appealing to both medical patients and recreational consumers who want a discreet way to consume the product with an onset time comparable to an edible.

How to make AVB capsules

To prevent large spillages or AVB waste, it’s a good idea to use a funnel. You will only need empty gel pills and a vape pen. You’re ready to eat the THC capsules once you have secured them.

What can you do with AVB Concentrates?

Materials Required:

  • AVB
  • A hair straightener or rosin press
  • Parchment paper

Time Estimated to Prepare: 30 minutes to more than 24 hours depending on the process

What is AVB Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are the result of many processing methods which extract the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Concentrates can be found in many places today, including the capsule and the nail of a dab-rig or inside an edible.

How to make AVB concentrates

A dedicated rosin press is the best choice in this situation. This article will help you understand how to use AVB to ensure that you don’t waste any good bud.

The quality of your device as well as the amount of AVB that you intend to extract rosin will determine the exact amount. While this option is successful for some, it can prove dangerous in an environment that doesn’t have the right safety standards. You can also use other AVB options to increase the effectiveness of your bud.

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