On the Way: 5 Points of Interest You Won’t Want to Miss While Visiting El Paso

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El Paso, Texas has long been considered a sleepy western town on the border of Mexico. It offers beautiful desert landscapes and a vast selection of flora and fauna. With average temperatures in the low 80s during the summer months and above 40 in the winter months, El Paso is a great place to take your next vacation. It boasts classic Western geography and style and is a family-friendly city with numerous attractions and beautiful places to visit.


Wyler Aerial Tramway

If you’re looking for a spectacular way to view the city, it’s time to check out the Wyler Aerial Tramway. Located in the Franklin Mountains State Park, just seven miles from the El Paso Marriott, the aerial tramway boasts magnificent views of El Paso. The gondola travels along a 2,600-foot-long cable that delivers you to the top of Rangers Peak. The four-minute ride includes an in-depth narration pointing out the different bird and wildlife and various cacti of the area.


Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

For thousands of years, people have made the long trek to the hills in far west Texas to collect rainwater from the natural rock basins that make up the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. Today, visitors to the area can rock climb, hike, picnic, and bird watch in the historic area. The park features an interpretive center in a historic ranch house where visitors can arrange guided and self-guided tours. There are also 20 campsites that you can rent and stay overnight in the park.


Plaza Theater

The historic Plaza Theater is loved by the locals and is known as El Paso’s best-known landmarks. It’s extravagant furnishings, three-tier dome towers, and mosaic tiled floors are a treasure not to miss. The theater was purchased by Louis L. Dent in 1927 with the hopes of doing something good for the city he loved. Today, visitors can attend a variety of shows, including Broadway productions and concerts.


National Border Patrol Museum

This free museum is a must-see for any visitor to El Paso. The National Border Patrol Museum enables guests to travel through the history of the United States Border Patrol, going as far back as the Old West through today’s technological times. The U.S. Border Patrol was first established in 1928, with 450 inspectors working to secure the border between inspection stations. Visitors will enjoy looking at various kinds of vehicles that have been utilized by the patrol over the years.


Municipal Rose Garden

If you’re in El Paso between March and October one place you can’t pass by is the Municipal Rose Garden. The garden is home to 1460 rose bushes that are made up of 320 different fragrant roses. Volunteers lovingly attend the garden and the benches placed throughout the garden for guests to sit and enjoy the moment.


If you’ve never visited El Paso, Texas, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. With a rich and storied history and beautiful scenery, El Paso is a hidden gem of the great Lone Star state. The next time you’re looking for a great place to take your next vacation, consider heading south to El Paso.

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